John-Paul Gibbs Arts

Welcome to my site – Enjoy the ride!

John-Paul Gibbs Arts

Welcome to my site – Enjoy the ride!

Britney Psychosis

a break up from reality

The Brand memememememememememememememee!


Treasures and treasures to share ‘the Heart Stop’

true or false

écureuil Petomane

Bad Itch /who was itch?

Jamie Dornan + an actor+Kate moss+ Vic's 70th+Alex and Kate

Rita Haywood +Taylor Swift


Tears of a Wolly (imposing clown)

my ego

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Matthew John Production


Art Direction set designer course

My Dad who is always supportive – Andrew Dog and myself


Videos 1

Rabbit club

Oh Princess (Graphic fine art)

Product people

Never Lose the Dream

Golden Lion 2


UWE and artistic Visions ever since

Less Narcissism and University Project for UWE

Squirrel Petomane

rotten tomato

exhibit inno sense


too hot in here

The Film which ended before it became....Guerilla's handbook to Film-making

My Ego as a film-maker and over industrious competitiveness to be the next Matthew Barney

The no mysteries Frame

Yusuf+Danielle+ice cream cone

Tiger horns

A mural in Soho

it's not the end so stop playing with fire

Sleeping with Dogs You Get Fleas and Austeja Hexagon Hex Saturn Project

OMG Something Different

Eating Jesuits

Faith of the Good Wolf he fed on soul food and had his good thoughts

Red indian Story of the Good wolf and the bad wolf fighting it’s the the one that you feed that will win

Dear Dante

Boners and Brain damage

Music for my ears only

Balloons of Hell's Helium lift me to Heavens Context vs Content

Keeping my feet firmly on the ground rooted and to sprout imagination like leaves in the wind shaking and waking

Sketches (The Bobby Dog Book)

Andrew Parr

Squid Monroe+ Mayor Bitch+ Eva Gardner+my Philosophies of interest+Fab spots where did you go?

Ladies That Lunch


greedy piece of heaven

that grey bit there trying to be everyones hero

Johnny's Vampires

The Home and the heart are now one in New Malden

Holy Cow

Pop Goes the World

When Andrew Met Keira Rathbone (UWE university friend)


Suspicious Minds

The Mad Hatters Tea Party

Cast No Shadow

Muslim community

Animals of Zoonomia (genetic Yummies)

University of the West of England Bristol


Lost in the ego-body

Were Club

grey prisms