John-Paul Gibbs Art

Saturnist Hex Union with Form and Colour

John-Paul Gibbs Art

Saturnist Hex Union with Form and Colour


Leather Jacket

Tied up tonight

Marilyn 6

The Kiss

The owl and the girl


Hex Tiger

Jesuits that practice


Faith of the Good Wolf he fed on soul food and had his good thoughts

Red indian Story of the Good wolf and the bad wolf fighting it’s the the one that you feed that will win

Royal Highness

Austeja Hexagon Hex Saturn Project

Sketches 1

Grey is greedy greedy is the devil and the root of all suffering

that grey bitch there

Cats High Five

you cannot fence the sun

Films Fearful Symmetry

6 Lady

Sexy Guy

Shōnen to kare no inu

Monroe week ending 18th.2.2017

New Week 19/02/17

wipe your eye

Amanda Lepore

Miss Saturnist

I believe in

Topless Hex

Immediate Celebrity /the make me

The Comb

Sketches 2

2007 grungey shock value

New Paintings 2016


Sophia Loren



Marilyn 3+3=6


Tara Palmer Tompkinson

Equeus 2

Eros in London


Smoking is bad

Were Club


me Hex and Saturn

Hungry hearts will eat you (Super superficial)

The Superficial

Heroes of the Art

Mr. Hideous and Mrs.

Bhuphesh Bhu Fish

Johnny's Vampires

The Home and the heart are now one in New Malden

Oh Princess (Graphic fine art)

Product people

UWE and artistic Visions ever since

Less Narcissism and University Project for UWE

6 biz

The kiss

Bengal Tiger

Lady of the Flowers

Valentines Day

Blonde guy

Black Widow


Grungey and Horrid/ Was

integration station and the dead ends

Living Honestly makes you futurist

Cat Monroe

foetus flower

Kandinsky influence

Britney Bears and other Pop stars

Early Rolling Stage


Edith Massey

2011 Saturn Returns


Marilyn Punk

Cindy 6

Ruby Rose

You Have Transcended IT


Austeja 6

Mr. Potato Heads singing audition

Party Pains of a vauxhellite

a Gay mans Party grave is vauxhall vauxhell


Blowing Commercial B.C

The emperor’s new Clothes

Sketches (The Bobby Dog Book)

Andrew Parr

Villains of the art

Cafe Italia

Marco Thank you

The Wizard of If'z carousel

bad business

the shameless