The Sleeping Artist – blissing it

Beneath the surface- a dream depicted

The Sleeping Artist – blissing it

Beneath the surface- a dream depicted

Swanformation 2


The Fire Twins

Judas Heart

the devils cup

But Not Televisions

Ice cream

Queen of the night

Glass Foal


Martin Luther King Jr.

Fellowships in the wrong Fellows (the aftermath)

My Shadow's a Dolphin


The Animal Cabaret

Marilyn Impressions

Oh Princess (Graphic fine art)

Product people

Incorrect insight

Shadow animal

Class Clown

Madonna Labyrinth

Burlesque Bartender

Diamonds are a girls best friend

The Blue Gangsta

Funky Jacket

Young Smoker

1 2 cha cha


How many more sacrifices more do i have to make before you get it? Titled 'Big Society'

Let's Get Digital

exhibit inno sense

Lost in the ego-body

Circle Foundation Certificate of excellence

Jack and Constantina

Love at First Bite

She Rides a Unicorn

A Scorpio Rises

Rock Star of The Animal Kingdom

I beg to differ

Bats in my closet

'Against Adam' I am my story incarnate Bad apple made flesh (the artist personified)

My enemy the one who bites

Vogue cover Madonna

Go Tell Your Mum


Commissions and silent treatment

Fumphart Soul Wars (of a time)

Johnny's Vampires

The Home and the heart are now one in New Malden

OMG Something Different

Animals of Zoonomia (genetic Yummies)

University of the West of England Bristol

Strangers in Night

Concieved Paintings

Cats High Five

Chinese Medicine


Beggars Belief

Swan Formation

Naked Thoughts are into Blue

The Record Deal

Madonna tagalatelli

corny smell of home

Kate Moss


Sm-arty pants

Sketches (The Bobby Dog Book)

Andrew Parr

Staring into pools



Cowboy Cowgirl


His Web

5 years set back

Pussy Riot

The Devil Rides Out


It's my prerogative

Greta Thunberg

Seeking J-P - Christ energy and Satanic energy intergrated

My Totem Animal- is a deer

Clown - no more Clowns!

'Pop Surrealist'