John-Paul Gibbs

  • Fine Artist of a Subconscious influence

I studied Fine Art at the University of the West of England I covered a range of subjects within the Fine Art field such as Film editing, Quark, Graphics in Photoshop, Performance, photomontage, photography, painting, sculpture and also Mixed media. I decided to forge a path in my earlier part of my art career making and producing fine art performances documented by hidden shallows productions on my youtube channel; proppe42. This led me to a curious investigative approach to Art direction which i semi undertook at Brighton Film school before dropping out and realising i actually wanted to sell my oil paintings full time.

"John-Paul Gibbs has exhibited work internationally at the APW gallery New York in 2009 with mixed media paintings and performing arts in Bristol collaborating with Alice Lilley on Production 'Party Pains', as well as innovating art outings in performance arts with Rolling Stage. His work experience with Rolling Stage included designing costumes, writing and devising his own stage shows with the 'Rolling Stage's' arts crew in the South West, performing at venues such as Maker Boomtown, Vegefest, and the Looking Glass. He has also performed at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern at Duckie and The Eagle Playing Edith Massey as an egg lady. Most of his links to his performing arts can be found on YouTube under the name 'proppe42', whereby a series of films were cut and edited by 'Hidden Shallows Productions'. Also he has Art-Directed on a film by Matthew John Productions titled Hedda set at Maunsel House in Bridgewater. He has designed giant murals for the Invisible Circus, Bristol, for events such as 'Carnyville' with his surrealist piece 'Cherry Bomb.' Previous illustration work experience for i Player created preliminary pieces for Eric Wong in Hong Kong, and also for Keith Hopewell SPZero collaboration nation(al).His specialties include fine art, illustration, montage, devising stage shows with visuals, and performing arts, which can also be found on his YouTube channel.He worked on projects for the Looking Glass, Rolling Stage venue cabaret shows and murals. The Future may have him Art Directing, characterising sets for films and painting for Saatchi online. He has since won an award of Excellence for Circle Foundation Arts"


BA Honours Degree at University of the West of England Bristol

September 2000 – June 2005 Bristol, UK

2,2 award degree level


BA Honours Award, University of the West of England

Excellence Award, Circle Foundation Arts

Selected from 863 Artists out of which Excellence Awards were given to 150


Nether world Show

Severn Shed Bristol, UK


Seeme takes over Group

Madison Square New York, Madison Square

Work Projected onto the Madison Square Billboard and building

Circo Surrender solo

Old Fire Station Bristol, UK


Something Different Show Group

AWP Gallery New York, Long Island City

never got my work back

ammnesia Group

The Cube Bristol, UK

set up by Eva Nakopoulo and Vivi

Tale Tales Solo

The Victoria Walthamstow

thank you for making me fighter


Kevin Parker, Amy Stagg, Jackie Fussell, Paul Wells, Rolling Stage, Matthew John, Keith Hopewell, Invisible Circus, Boomtown via Rolling Stage, Vegefest via Rolling Stage, Maker Festival via Rolling Stage, Collaborational National, Hidden Shallows Productions, Mark Oakley - The Eagle


Montage and paint


Graphic fine ArtistSurrealismImage engineering via cut and pasteillustrationperformance art