Immediate Celebrity /the make me

My struggle as an artist and idolising people in the spotlight
What is it to be a fan
What is it to be a celebrity
What is it to be Human
Have we Lost our Humanity to such notions of Fame and dehumanisation of Spirit
I hope to regain myself my composure as an artist
For i am cruel and have had wicked intention in making my name to the world
but it resonates
may there be some kind of triumph of human spirit to come
you cannot change what you cannot acknowledge
it’s ok to breathe fire to roar but to rest too and recover is also important
it is my life’s mission to heal
to heal others
and to enlighten
the path to truth through light
noone is the devil but the devil himself
rages eternally in the dark
I doubt he cries for light
there is no bastard to make truth known and to pave way for a better future
I am a Futurist
a movement
I carry you
You are my responsibility
keep on moving forward into the future